self preservation

test lab


The iXS development team's playground is in three of the world's leading test centers. From design sketches, to CAD design, clay models and 3-D prints, our prototypes find their way through a series of rigorous impact and stress testing, coupled with chemical and flammable tests. After that - the real life riding tests! It takes no less than two years to bring an iXS product to you from initial concept. We take our time with it. It's your safety in our hands after all. iXS helmets and protective gear are benchmarked to European EN, American CPSC and ASTM DH standards.


Large intake vents are directly linked via channels in the EPS with multiple exhaust vents to keep cool air flowing through the helmet and ensure warm air exits.


Xmatter™ inserts positioned across major impact zones act as a buffer between shell and EPS, deforming on soft impacts and stiffening on harder impacts to both increase helmet longevity and aid in dissipation of rotational forces. An integrated moulded mouth guard absorbs frontal impacts.


Emergency Padding Release system allows the helmet to be easily removed in the event of an emergency. Ergonomically shaped cheek pads with optional sizes ensure a perfect fit while high-tech antibacterial Coolmax material wicks moisture away from skin to keep you dry and comfortable.


FRP™ (fibre reinforced polymer) increases shell strength while reducing overall weight. The rail-based design further increases structural integrity without adding unnecessary volume. Environmentally responsible alternative to Carbon.


Optimal strength, weight and ventilation. Shock absorbing EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam is moulded directly to an outer hard shell.

Micro Dial Adjustment

Dial disc. Micro adjustments. Easy to access and to adjust to personal comfort.

Ergo-Fit Ultra

Lightweight Flexible cradle keeps the helmet securely in position without causing heat build up or discomfort.


Flexible Viscoelastic polymer absorbs forces upon impact without hindering range of motion. The open cell compound is engineered to withstand multiple impacts in the same region while retaining its shock absorbing properties.


Patented shell linkage allows for full articulation without sacrificing protection.

Knee Gusset

Internal padding around the patella locks protector in position and distributes impact forces around the knee.

Armadillo Duo (2)

Dual-compound hard shells provide skid and puncture protection while remaining flexible.

Flex Zip

Stretchable and flexible zipper allows garments to move with contours of the body without excess bunching.

Aero Mesh

Lightweight and anti-bacterial treated 3D performance mesh, optimized for breathability and moisture wicking.