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We take responsibility

As a company that manufactures and markets top-quality sports textiles, we are concerned to give due weight to the aspect of sustainability. Sustainability is a product property, a lifestyle, a conviction, and above all a responsibility – not just in the area of raw materials, but also in connection with the procurement and processing of those materials, and right through to the distribution of the finished product on the global market. We would like to ensure in the middle term that appropriate aims are pursued and realized in this area, so as to realize successive optimizations in our production processes, in development and in the products themselves – with the aim of bringing about sustainable and lasting change.

Fabrics based on RECYCLED fibers

Recycling is an environmentally friendly method of processing starting materials into sustainable textiles, as a basis for jerseys or shorts. For example, iXS is a starting material based on recycled plastic from PET bottles. These are collected, cleaned, ground and processed into a granulate. In the next part of the process, this granulate is melted down and then spun into yarn. This results in a top-quality polyester textile, saving up to 50 percent of the energy used in the production process and around 50 percent of CO2 emissions.

PET bottles are collected. Then they are cleaned and ground. Raw material is processed into granulate. The granulate is melted down and spun into yarn. The result is a top-quality polyester textile.

​Carbon fiber Free and award winning

When we choose raw materials we carefully prioritize substainable materials. For this reason for instance we do not use carbon fibers on any of our products. Carbon is not good for our envoirnment, is not degradable and cannot be recycled and most likely longterms harms workers health. You can chop down fibers and re-use it for bitumens for example, but the chemistry stays the same and remains carbon fiber.

Structural strenght and weight opimization? With now days technologies and ressourses as well as smart industry design we can proof to be able to achieve same or similar product properties by completely rejecting carbon fibers. Does carbon make sence? We are convinced - for us it doent!

Example of Carbon raw material.

​Earthball Riders Foundation

A diverse collective of bicycle brands, designers, manufacturers and riders who aim to challenge the way the industry and the consumer looks at materials and manufacturing practices. The Earthball Riders Foundation will facitilate a dialogue and sharing of information towards educating consumers, and insdustry, on the "DNA" of the product they choose.